Summer harvest ♥

Hi guys,

perhaps you saw on our Instagram account that we visited Sophie´s family in France (Vosges) for a long weekend.It was really nice and of course we made good use of the seasonal fruits and vegetables.

On our way to her parents we made a stop at her grandparents. It´s always nice visiting them especially in the summer when their garden is full of awesome fruits and vegetables. So we stayed for a delicious French lunch and had an original Tarte aux Mirabelles.


On our to-do list for our next visit: learning her grandmother’s secret recipe! We definitely have to make one with her so that we can find out about the great secret behind it. Her pastry is something between short crust and puff pastry so it is very crispy.


After lunch we went to a field where they have a lot of fruit trees and we collected plenty of Mirabelle’s (we estimated our harvest to about 20 kg but we are not entirely sure).

mirabelles on the tree

On the next day we started with her mother deseeding and processing most of the mirabelles… which to be honest took most of the day.

We cooked jam with 7kg of deseeded fruits, two patches of dried mirabelles, caned some of them and of course we baked a few tartes (… we were in France after all).

I also made my grandmother’s special for desert which Sophie’s parents didn’t know. It´s a dumpling made of cooked potatoes, eggs and flour filled with mirabelles (usually made with plums) which are normally called Zwetschgenknödel. We will post a recipe of that as soon as we had time to make decent pictures of it. For me it’s one of the best deserts in the world because it is so delicious and it contains good memory of my favorite grandmother (she turned 90 this April).
For the rest of the weekend we just enjoyed our time, did a little bit of shopping and went to a few flea markets.

Before we drove back to Germany, we harvested dried beans, carrots, potatoes and courgettes from her parent’s garden. Then we went to her grandparents again because we wanted to gather (again) some mirabelles to freeze them. It’s great to deseed and freeze seasonal fruits and use them for a quick desert during fall or winter. After we collected about 10Kg, her grandparents also provided us with plenty of other awesome self-cultivated things from their garden. It’s the absolute paradise for us and we now enjoy the great variety of vegetables they gave us. We also took a few plants for our new garden such as parsley, borage, winter salad, fennel, …


Don´t worry, no one had to starve after our stay 😉 her grandparents have a vegetables garden which is well over 400m² and they love to share their harvest because they have way more than they can eat for themselves and their rabbits.

Yes, it’s one of the good thing about a garden, it’s all about give and take.


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